Finance Products

At Focus Hyundai, we offer a wide variety of different ways to protect your new vehicle and make sure you get the absolute most out of your investment. Enjoy peace of mind with our available products below.

Vehicle Protection Package

Our protection packages consist of three primary products, the key to maintaining the longevity and beautiful appearance of your new vehicle. These protections are a low-cost investment to help you get the most from your vehicle’s resale value.

  • Ceramic Coating: bonds molecularly to provide superior protection for your vehicle’s factory finish. It has a silicon carbide component that ensures a clean and even protection across the entire vehicle, and also increases the factory clear coat hardness by up to 50%, acting as a sacrificial layer.
  • Paint Protection: protects against light scratches and salt/sun discolouration
  • Fabric Protection: protects against spills and stains on the interior of the vehicle
  • Rust Protection: an electronic module is installed, using electric current to circulate through the vehicles metal, and minimizing the natural chemical reaction of rust. Guaranteed for 10 years.

GAP Insurance

GAP Insurance/Protection covers the “gap” or difference between what you still owe on your loan and what the insurance company is giving you in case of a write-off. This makes sure you are not owing money on a vehicle you no longer own. Protects your investment and pocket.


Total Vehicle Loss

In case of a vehicle write off, Total Vehicle Loss pays beyond the insurance settlement and provides up to $5000, $7500 or $ 10,000 fixed in-store loyalty credit towards a replacement vehicle. Term can be from 24 months to 96 months.


Mechanical Breakdown Warranty (New & Pre-Owned Vehicles)

There are several different extended warranty options from, Powertrain, Premium, and Premium Plus that vary in costs and coverages. We can help you discover the coverage that is right for you.

No one wants to be stuck with having to pay a high repair bill or be without their vehicle for an extended period of time. These options can provide uninterrupted protection for the vehicle once the factory warranty expires.

Tire & Rim Coverage

Road Hazard protection up to 5 years. Repairs or replaces tires and wheels from road hazard protection without a deductible. Road Hazard includes: debris, nails, screws, fallen rocks, glass, etc. This protection is available for your summer AND winter wheels.


Key & Remote Coverage

As technology advances, vehicles and keys get smarter. These smart keys are expensive to replace if they get lost, stolen, or damaged. Did you know, nowadays, some keys can cost up to $750? Key & Remote coverage will replace any stolen or destroyed key, fob, or remote saving you from any added expenses. Keep calm and protected when a key emergency happens!


Life Insurance (Estate Protection)

Life Insurance protects your family from an unnecessary added financial strain in the event of death. Covering any outstanding payments on the protected loan, loved ones will be left with an asset rather than a liability.


Disability Insurance (Credit Protection)

In the event of an injury or illness leaving you unable to work, Disability Insurance will cover a number of payments on your vehicle loan, all while maintaining your credit score. Different plans and coverages are available to discuss and customize.


Auto Guard

Whether you are financing, leasing or purchasing your new vehicle outright, damages can happen, big or small. Have your vehicle protected up to a maximum of 6 years with Auto Guard. Auto Guard can provide coverage for those nasty little dent, dings, exterior scratches, as well as cuts, tears, and burns to your leather or cloth upholstery with no deductible and unlimited claims.


Excess Wear (Lease Protection)

Leasing a vehicle can sometimes be a better alternative to financing, but some have concerns with the potential costs when returning the vehicle. You treat your car well, but sometimes little dents and dings are unavoidable when driving or parking. Excess Wear can help in waiving those costs for qualifying damages, up to $7500.00.


If you’re like most of our customers, you’d prefer focusing on upgrading at the end of your lease…..not worrying about how to pay for damages.

Have a question about which products are best suited for you and your driving needs? Call, click, or chat with one of our Finance Managers to answer any and all of your questions, or visit our partner website, First Canadian, for the latest information.