Navigating our New Dealership

August 22nd, 2020 by

Confessions of a Top Gun: Tips & Tricks to Help You Purchase Your Next Vehicle…

Vol. 4: Navigating our New Dealership

Hello to our Focus Hyundai Family! Sorry for the long delay since my last post…but we’ve been really busy! Why? Read on…

Have you driven by 1555 Lagimodiere Blvd. yet?  If not, you should! If you have, then you know that we have officially opened our brand-new Showroom and Drive-Thru Service Center and are majorly excited to tell you about it!


You can now simply drive up to one of the two large garage doors on the South side of the building, and are instantly greeting by one of our friendly Service Advisors who will wave you in. Overhead, you’ll see two 70’’ TV’s which may indicate you need an alignment. That’s because when you drive in, your vehicle is being scanned by a state-of-the art Hunter 3D scanner which measures your vehicle’s axles angles as it comes into the building. Pretty cool, huh?

The best part, of course, is no more parking outside. You can just walk directly into the Service Lounge, help yourself to a hot beverage or bottled water and connect to our free Wi-Fi.

Dropping off your vehicle for the next day? Our key drop-box is located just beside those same two garage doors. The expanded lot will give you tons of parking options.


Inside you will see the absolutely beautiful new car Showroom, filled with up-to-12 vehicles. This allows us to showcase almost the entirety of Hyundai’s line-up. As of this writing, we have the 2020 Veloster-N, Hyundai’s ultra-sporty hot hatchback with over 270 HP. Or check out one of the few remaining 2020 Palisade Ultimate’s, equipped with upgraded 22’’ rims and performance tires! Don’t forget to check out the fully electric Ioniq, Hyundai’s 2nd electric vehicle capable of traveling 300 kms on a single charge. Do not be shy to ask a question to any of our Product Specialists.

Another fantastic addition to the new dealership is our Delivery Pod. It is located beside the North Side Entrance and allows our Product Specialists to go through your new vehicle in a private, cooled (or heated) room. It will be super desirable during our cold months. Once the delivery process is complete, we simply raise a garage-style door and you can drive away with ease and comfort in the warmth of your brand-new vehicle.


Our Service Technicians, Detailers and Shop Attendants have never been happier with their new surroundings. State of the art equipment, tons of space and a well-thought-out design make their day-to-day tasks much easier to handle. This will speed up the process of getting your vehicle in and out (and cleaned!) in a timely manner.


Location, location, location! Let’s face it, it was often difficult to get into our old location at 1066 Nairn Ave. No more. With a designated lane all the way from Reendeers Dr. to Almey Ave (heading North) or the traffic light & turning late on Lagimodiere Blvd. (heading South), it is super easy to get in and out of the new location. You are going to love it!

Thank you, Focus Family!

So how did we do in the first month in the new building? 100 delivered cars and the highest rated customer service in the West! You heard that right, we had an all-time best month with 70 new and 30 pre-owned vehicles sold and delivered. That said, we would like to thank all of our great customers for their continued support after all these years! If not for you, this new building would not have been possible. Our staff is so excited to be in the new digs and bring you the best customer service in Winnipeg.

See you soon at 1555 Lagimodiere Blvd!


Written by: Jesse Pelletier | Sales Team Leader @ Focus Hyundai | Hyundai ‘TOP GUN’ 2018, 2019