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Get through the season in style with your choice of Genuine Hyundai Accessories. Electronics and alloy wheels are not included with this promotion. Please ask your service advisor for details. Must be installed at an authorized Hyundai dealership and labor is extra. Coupons cannot be combined with any other offers. Not transferable to prior purchases. Offer ends June 17th, 2022.

Winter is officially in full swing and so are all winter activities! Let’s get back on the road and take in that cool, crisp air. No matter what your plans are, we will make sure your vehicle keeps you safe and connected this season.

Being prepared in these colder months is always a good idea. During our winter maintenance service, our expert trained technicians will conduct a 360o walk-around inspection to ensure you stay safe on the roads. It’s important to check the health of your battery so you never get stranded when the temperature starts to drop. We also recommend using full synthetic oil as it has a low viscosity making it easier for your engine on cold winter starts.

For all your long drives this season, having a clean cabin air filter provides comfort for all your passengers. Replacing your cabin air filter can also enhance the performance of the defroster to increase your visibility. Lastly, make sure you have room for all your winter gear. Check out our wide range of lifestyle and outdoor accessories developed specifically for your vehicle!

Give your Hyundai the love it deserves this winter with these great service offers.

All Wheel Drive Service $199.95

Unlike front wheel drive vehicles, an All Wheel Drive has a more complex system that has separate differentials:

  • One in the front – Known as the Transfer Case
  • One in the rear – Known as the Differential

Commonly known as the transfer case, the function of the The transfer case is to fine-tune precisely how and when the vehicles power is transferred to the front wheels and rear wheels

The  differential directs that power to the rear wheels also the differential contains gears that help with this 90-degree change of direction on the rear axles.

When and how often upkeep is required is completely dependent on the conditions, terrain and circumstances in which you put your AWD through, this is the most important indicator of whether more maintenance is required. If you are only driving on asphalt roads, then following the manufacturer’s operators manual should be sufficient.

Hyundai recommends inspecting the system every 48,000 Km’s.

Our service equipment uses an extractor method that will not only completely remove all the old fluid and containment’s but also at the same time refills with new fluid.

Windshield Wiper Replacement starting from $49.95
Windshield Wiper Replacement starting from $49.95


Choose from our OEM replacement blades or upgrade to our all-weather wiper blades.

Our inventory of wiper blades is not limited to just Hyundai models. Ask us if we have a solution for what ever vehicle you own needing wiper replacements. We know we do.