Service Specials

All Wheel Drive Service $249.95

Unlike front wheel drive vehicles, an All Wheel Drive has a more complex system that has separate differentials:

  • One in the front – Known as the Transfer Case
  • One in the rear – Known as the Differential

Commonly known as the transfer case, the function of the The transfer case is to fine-tune precisely how and when the vehicles power is transferred to the front wheels and rear wheels

The  differential directs that power to the rear wheels also the differential contains gears that help with this 90-degree change of direction on the rear axles.

When and how often upkeep is required is completely dependent on the conditions, terrain and circumstances in which you put your AWD through, this is the most important indicator of whether more maintenance is required. If you are only driving on asphalt roads, then following the manufacturer’s operators manual should be sufficient.

Hyundai recommends inspecting the system every 48,000 Km’s.

Our service equipment uses an extractor method that will not only completely remove all the old fluid and containment’s but also at the same time refills with new fluid.